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Generate a Random Name-Fake Name Generator

Do you need a false identity to use as your pseudonym the internet OR need names to use for characters in book or story OR do you need random profiles for quality test. Here is a simple solution to all. Read… Continue Reading →

Follow Rich Kids of Instagram

Ever wondered what rich kids do with their parent’s money? They have practically huge amount of money at their disposal to spend. Just take a look at the luxury that money can buy. Follow this link and see: Rich Kids… Continue Reading →

QuickShare Website: 10-Minute Mail

Maybe you want to sign up for a site which requires that you provide an e-mail address to send a validation e-mail to. And maybe you don’t want to give up your real e-mail address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. 10 minute mail is nice and disposable.

Magic Tool to keep your Windows Drivers Up to Date

It is a good idea to keep your Windows drivers up to date but you don’t need to worry if the things are working fine. If any of your hardware is not functioning properly then updating the driver may solve… Continue Reading →

Expands your Mobile Phone’s Storage by an Wireless USB Stick

Are you running out of storage space in your mobile and your phone doesn’t have an option to add external SD card. Do you find it cumbersome to transfer videos and photos from your phone to your PC. SanDisk Connect… Continue Reading →

Automatically Delete your useless Photos from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one app that eat most of the space in your mobile. We receive lots of forward images in the form of quote, good morning messages and many others.

Unsubscrib Multiple Newsletter With

Sometimes it happens that you ignore most of the inbox messages you received from various your e-mail subscriptions due to spam / non-interested contents. With this tricks you can easily clean you inbox as well as to manage your all… Continue Reading →

How to Email & Backup Your WhatsApp Conversation

If you want to keep a special chat safe in your email account, WhatsApp lets you do that easily. On Android phones, press hold on a chat and you will get an option to “Email chat” or, on iPhone, you will… Continue Reading →

Share Keyboard And Mouse over Network

Learn How to Share One Keyboard and mouse in More than One Computer Over Network or LAN (When you reach the border of any monitor, the mouse magically jumps to the neighboring monitor and you can control that computer)

[Solved] Windows 7 Stuck on ‘Checking For Update’ Hang Fix

Hi, I have Dell XPS L502x, name-brand Windows 7/64 SP1 computer. I did a clean install using manufacturer-provided Recovery Media. Following the reload, I launched Windows Update.  Windows Update remained at “Checking for Updates” for hours, without ever displaying any updates… Continue Reading →

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